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European Traditional
(Period Homes), May '07)

Dahlhaus Lighting's gas-lighting collection is fabricated from sand-cast aluminum, which Dahlhaus explains is extremly durable. "It won't crack from the heat and also holds the paint very well", he says. ...... Read more

Alpha Mail
(The Wave Magazine), Vol. 05, Issue 17, Pg. 32, Aug. 24 2005)

Is there any daily chore that hasn't made more tolerable in recent years by designers? From fancy kitchen tools to sleek diapers to fashion-conscious feather dusters, it seems every old chore has been made new simply by throwing a dash of design sense into the mix. And now it´s come to this ...... Read more

“Like a Rock”, Solid, Secure: A MAILBOX For Eternity
(Dahlhaus-Lighting,Inc./PRWEB), Aug. 15rd 2005)

With 50 inches in height and weighing a solid 150lbs, the mailbox is a very unique piece of outdoor design. Its sturdy form is build for eternity. A large access door in the rear offers more security than the official US postal service mailboxes. Dahlhaus’ mailbox is an accurate reproduction from an original design used in many European Countries at the end of the 19th century. ... Read more

Light to Soften the Suburbs
(The New York Times, Dec. 23rd 2004)

... Gaslights, which once graced the boulevards of Paris and the streets of
New York but disappeared by the middle of the last century, are becoming
more popular in suburban subdivisions, high-end resort communities and
downtown renewal projects all over the United States ... Read more


Points of Light
(Homes of the Hamptons, Dec. 2004: Pg. 92)

When home and business-owners plan renovations or new building projects,
they have myriad decisions to make - where to build, what material to use and
what accessories will complete their visions ?  ... Read more

Dahlhaus Delivers Light and More
(Dan's Paper, Sep. 17 2004: Pg. 21 )

Homeowners looking to add a little flair to their outer spaces find
that outdoor lanterns are the perfect exterior accessoy. ... Read more

Dare to be different
(Residential Lighting, Aug. 2004: Pg. 66 )

Homeowners looking to add a little flair to their homes` exteriors find
outdoor lanterns the perfect accessoy. ... Read more

Dahlhaus Lighting
(Period Homes, Summer 2004 )

Distributor of cast-aluminum vintage lighting & site furnishings:
street lamps & lanterns; door bells & number plates; bollards,
fountains ... Read more

Dahlhaus Lighting
(Traditional Building, May/June 2004: Pg. 46 )

specializes in the dseign and production of vintage European
outdoor lighting and accessories. ... Read more

Accross the Alps..
(ONMagazine, April-May 2004: Pg. 10)

.. you'll find the family-owned business Dahlhaus Lighting based in Ennepetal,
Germany. When walt Disney World wanted an Old World look in its theme
park they called Lars Dahlhaus  ... Read more

Vintage Advantage..
(European Homes & Gardens, Jan-Feb 2003: Pg. 54)

Formal gardens have been a popular element of the home landscape for
centuries in Europe. Medieval herb gardens, kitchen gardens and beautiful
flower gardens graced many European homes  ... Read more

Dahlhaus-Lighting at Lightfair International 2003

Dahlhaus Delivers - Light & More
(German American Trade Magazine, June 2001: Pg. 33)

Filling a niche with German craftmanship, Dahlhaus Lighting has just
opened shop - in Brooklyn, New York. With a range of European
designs to choose from ... Read more

It all started in Ennepetal, Germany
("Es begann in Ennepetal mit Laternen fuer Pferdekutschen."
New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, 19-15 Jan. 2002: Pg. 7

(in German Language)
 ... Read more

Dahlhaus Delivers - Light & More

European elegance, majesty, style and charm can all be yours!
Dahlhaus Lighting, a family-owned business based in Ennepetal,
Germany ... Read more

Engaging Ringer (Old House Journal)
(Old House Journal, Feb. 2002: Pg. 30)

Along with sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, doorbells were
some of Maria von Trapp's favorite thing. This one really would have
made her sing.  ... Read more

Old World Charm
(Editorial. New York Design Index Feb. 2002: Pg. 58)

Vintage European lighting has been our passion for over 30 years
in Germany, and we are now offering our products in the United States
as well ... Read more


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