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Our custom made Weather Vanes are made from sand-cast aluminum and come with stainless steel screws. Adjustable base for any angle of mounting. The motives all feature a raised 3-D surface.
Water Basins

Vintage European Water Basins and Fountains from various eras. Guaranteed to be weather-proof and made for your garden.
Bollards are a discreet way to provide a barrier or to guide visitors along a path or walkway. Made from solid sand-cast aluminum, our bollards withstand the elements to bring you years of reliable service.
Our hand made sundials offer you the perfect way to add a special touch to your garden design. These unique timepieces will make every sunny hour count!
Heavy custom made shoe scrapes made from cast iron or aluminum make sure you shoes don't carry any dirt into your house. They also are beautiful addition to your entrance era.
Here you'll find many unique accessories for around your house and garden. From Door-Knockers to Wall-mounted Urns, our "Made in Germany" selection will impress you.

Vintage Sun-Dial


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Latest in LED Technology
Turn old street-lanterns into energy efficient LED lights and keep the look of a vintage gas-lantern.
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General Catalog No.21
The new 86-page catalog offers an easy way to give you a complete overview to our unique selection of handcrafted lanterns, mailboxes, wall signs and many more articles.
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