Available Colors and Surface Coatings

For a special surface coating, our patina is applied by hand. Effects on the ornaments can be highlighted through this process. With a dual-patina, this effects are even more visible in adding a certain depth to structured surfaces and make it look like old material from bygone areas.

Black, Gold Patina
Rusty (Old-Iron-Effect)*

White, Gold Patina

Black, Copper & Gold Patina*

Black, Copper Patina

Black, Wrought Iron Effect

Black, Green & Gold Patina*

Black, Copper & Green Patina*

Black, Green Patina


Green, Gold Patina

Black, Bronze Patina

Black, Brass & Green Patina*


Black Satin-Finished

All of our products are available in the color of your choice. So if you have a particular customized color in mind, no problem! At the same time, we are more than happy to make an appropriate recommendation. (Not shown here is white-silk mat)

* = Dual-Patina

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