Globe-Lanterns & Ball-Light Fixtures

Vintage Lights for House and Garden with Clear or Opaque Glass-Globes

With plain glass globes, these ball lanterns from Dahlhaus are a remarkable combination of antique and modern lighting elements. From a small wall light with a 16cm diameter globe to the large street-light with five globes, each with a diameter of 30cm - in every size there is something suitable in our modular lighting system.


Wall Lantern

A beautifully designed small globe lamp that illuminates your home entrance at night and decorates it by day [...]
Height: 46cm, Depth: 36cm
US$ 757,00

Wall Lantern with Acrylic Glass Globe

Small exterior wall light with a filigree decorated wall bracket and a particularly narrow wall sign. The [...]
Height: 36cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 680,00

Small Globe Wall Lantern

Dainty wall lamp with an opal glass globe (Ø 16cm) on an S-shaped curved wall bracket. All parts made of [...]
Height: 30cm, Depth: 28cm
US$ 176,00

Arch Wall Lantern

A wall lamp according to your wishes. When ordering, choose your motive: horse, sailing ship, frog, dog or [...]
Height: 90cm, Depth: 59cm
US$ 1.289,00

Arched Pedestal Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 233cm, Depth: 40cm
US$ 3.075,00

Garten Lantern

A unique garden light with elaborate, hand-forged and cast leaf decorations, a hand-formed arch and a [...]
Height: 115cm, Depth: 45cm
US$ 1.773,00
2521 K

Wall Lantern

A great combination of Historic an Modern elements.
Height: 35cm, Depth: 75cm
US$ 745,00

Wall Lantern

Two-flame wall light with two Ø20cm globes and curved wall arms made of rust-proof cast aluminum. This lamp [...]
Height: 48cm, Width: 48cm, Depth: 33cm
US$ 1.360,00

Terrace Lantern

Medium-sized four-crown-cluster garden light with an unusual arrangement of the light bodies - a real [...]
Height: 200cm, Width: 67cm
US$ 3.488,00

Wall Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 61cm, Depth: 47cm
US$ 1.170,00

Pedestal Lantern

Medium-sized stand lamp with a fancy crown decor. An individual highlight for every garden. The luminaire [...]
Height: 133cm
US$ 2.945,00

Lantern with Table

A very special design. Perfect for your outdoor Portch. Top Globe has a Diameter of 11.8. Five crown cluster [...]
Height: 254cm, Width: 75cm
US$ 7.781,00


Traditional outdoor lamp with glass globe. The lamp globe has a diameter of 20cm and is available in either [...]
Height: 36cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 799,00

5-Crown-Cluster Terrace Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas. Five Crown Cluster width: 28.3
Height: 250cm, Width: 72cm
US$ 5.322,00

Pedestal Lantern

Plain and simple outdoor lantern with a one piece pole made of solid aluminium and a globe light. Our Globes [...]
Height: 223cm
US$ 3.607,00

Wall Lantern with Ears of Grain Motif

Unique Wall Lantern with Ears of Grain Motif. Motif plate solid casted aluminium with a handformed bracket and [...]
Height: 50cm, Width: 42cm, Depth: 34cm
US$ 1.407,00

Wall Lantern with Twin-Globe

Double globe lamp with a clear or opaque white globe pointing upwards and one pointing downwards. The [...]
Height: 62cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 33cm
US$ 1.608,00
1541 K

Wall Lantern

Large globe wall fixture with an antique, wide and beautifully decorated wall bracket. The acrylic glass globe [...]
Height: 47cm, Depth: 65cm
US$ 1.123,00

Globe Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 49cm
US$ 1.478,00

Pedestal Lantern

Same Style Lantern like Art.-Nr.: 1200 , but with a decorative frame around the globe. Our Globes come in Ø [...]
Height: 220cm
US$ 3.772,00

Globe Lantern

Small pedestal lamp with glass globe (Diameter 30cm). With its floral ornaments, it is ideal for illuminating [...]
Height: 53cm
US$ 1.005,00

Boulevard Lantern

Five-Crown-Cluster Globe Lantern with opaque or clear globes. Great for your victorian home! The glass globes [...]
Height: 290cm, Depth: 50cm

Old City Lantern

Five Crown cluster 41.3 in Diameter. Various Globes available.
Height: 360cm, Width: 105cm

Old City Lantern

Large street lamp with a crown of 5 globes, each 35cm in diameter in opaque / white or 30cm bubble glass / [...]
Height: 325cm, Width: 100cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

Downright Wall-Lantern (Art. 1349) with a similar wall bracket.
Small flush mount wall lantern with a 20cm diameter glass-globe. Shown here with clear glass and a polished brass tube covering the porcelain socket.
Pedestal Globe-lantern.
Ø 20cm (7.8''), Height: 52cm (20.5'')
Dahlhaus lights are great for indoor decoration as well. Globe-Lantern (Art. 6406).
Two-Crown Cluster Globe-Lantern.
Custom made Globe-Lantern with 5-Crown cluster. This model is based upon (Art. 1200). Different brackets are optional.