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General Informations

In order to get more detailed information about one of the shown products, please click on the corresponding illustration or the order number. On the details page, you find the most important dimensionses and the exact name beside the available colors and glass types.

In order to buy or request a detailed quote for any product, please click the "Inquire Now" button to put that product into your Shopping-Cart. There, you can select your desired color and if applicable the glass type. To complete your inquiry, please fill in your personal information and send the form.

Since we don't offer any encoded data transfer at the present time, there is no possibility for you to buy online. Detailed information about our terms and payment conditions can be found here.

In case your need further information about using this Web-Site or personal assistance to select the right lantern type, you can use our online Contact-Form or call us up at : +49(0)2333-79063.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the estimated time to delivery ?

Our average time to delivery is about 2 - 3 weeks. For special items, we will inform you about the time of delivery with our written order confirmation.

Please keep in mind that each item is manufactured individually for you. Depending on the order, parts may have to be modelled and sand-casted. Additionally, spray-painting takes some time to let the items dry for further works and for shipping.

Are all your products available in all the shown finishes / glass combination?

Yes. Since all our products are made to order, you can choose from our full range of colors and patinas.
Please contact us for special color requests likes specific RAL tones

There is one exeption to this. Our showroom-specials are only available as listed.

Can I order your products only as pictured or can I ask for a custom design ?

Customized options are our specalities. Almost any parts of our lanterns can be exchanged or modified. Changes can be made from using different poles, arms or decorations up to changing the total height. With our own inhouse foundry, we can even cast special items for you.

Does Dahlhaus have a Showroom in my area?

Our showroom in Ennepetal, residing next to our factory, is the only one in Germany where you can see our full range of lights, mailboxes and other items. Upon request, we are able to direct you to public lights, manufactured by Dahlhaus, in your area.

Are all your products available in all the finishes shown on your website?

Yes, since all our products are made to order, you can choose from our full range of colors and patinas. Let us know if you have a specific color in mind; we are able to match any desired color.

Can you tell me what size, quantity, and wattage of bulbs your fixtures take?

Most of our fixtures carry one (1) Standard E27 Porcellain-Socket at 220 Volts. You will be able to use an Incandescent Light bulb with up to 75 Watts. All our fixtures are manufactured in Germany.

Can I have a cluster of Sockets instead of a single socket?

Yes, for the following lines: "City", "Aktuell" and Baden Baden II & III, as well as the large "Anno 1900 P1" line, you may choose a three or four cluster socket. Depending on the fixture the extra cost would be somewhere between €75 and €150 per fixture.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

No, we currently do not accept Visa or MasterCard for online payments.

Delivery to Switzerland and other Non-EU-Countries

Deliveries to Switzerland and non-EU countries are possible on request.
Since our online shop is currently not processing VAT-free orders, please select your country for delivery and 'Advance payment via bank transfer' as the payment method.

After receiving your order, we will issue a VAT-free export order confirmation with the necessary customs information. Shipping term is DAP, export declaration is included.
If you wish to pay with PayPal, please select 'Advance payment via bank transfer' and note in the 'Comments on your order' field, that you wish to pay with PayPal. We will then send you a PayPal payment request with the VAT-free invoice amount by email with the order confirmation.

For orders with a different delivery address in Germany or another EU country, the invoice includes VAT. If you send us the invoice stamped by customs by e-mail and use it to prove the export, we will reimburse you for the German VAT.