Manufacturing at Dahlhaus Lighting
Quality "Made in Germany"

Preserving historic artisanship is one of our main goals. During the manufacturing of our products, the crafts­people use historic tools and authentic procedures whenever pos­sible.

Our products are made of the finest available quality. 90% of the pro­ducts are hand-made from solid Sand-Cast Aluminum. This method of casting is the original and historic way. The molds are pressed in special sand which is then filled with liquid aluminum.

Truely Handcrafted

All of our products are custom-made and hand crafted by our skilled artisans in Germany. We try to use as many traditional tools and work process to re-create the authentic look of a bygone era. Our material of choice is Sand-Cast-Aluminum, which will not rust (as Cast-Iron would) while providing exceptional stability at a lower overall weight.

The sand molded casting guarantees an authentic look and feel of the product. Through this method we are able to achieve a slightly imperfect product surface which gives the lanterns, mailboxes and other products their historic look. Because of the traditional ma­nu­fac­tu­ring, our products are of substantial weight. They feel solid and heavy and are “made for eternity”.

During the casting, liquid aluminum is quickly poured into a sand-pressed-mold at a temperature of about 750 Degrees Celsius (1400 F). Each sand mold is held in place by so called mold-brackets that help to center the piece that is casted. While the mold can only be used once, the sand is recycled to be used again many times.

After the casting has cooled down, the mold is destroyed to retrieve the raw aluminum part. At this stage it is still connected to the casting channels which will have to be removed manually. From the foundry the part now goes into the factory to be worked on further.