Antique Firebacks and Andirons

All shown Firebacks are unique pieces from our showroom. Prices given are cash and carry prices (EXW) only. For more detailed shipping options, please send an inquiry by email.

Accessories Firebacks

Round Cast-Iron Fireback

Round fireback with a probably medieval motif from a beer garden. Three detailed ornamented people at a table. [...]
Height: 59cm, Width: 59cm

Antique Cast-Iron Fireback

Heavy cast-iron stovetop with double-headed eagle, crown and coat of arms. Material thickness up to 3cm. [...]
Height: 61cm, Width: 60cm

Wall Plate with hunting scene

Showing a hunting scene. With Boars, Dogs and horses. Contures are up to 3" deep!
Height: 93cm, Width: 107cm, Depth: 10cm
US$ 5.332,00

Small decorative Fireback

Small fireback with the simple motif of a fruit-filled vase. The cast iron plate has a hole in the upper edge [...]
Height: 28,5cm, Width: 28cm

Antique Cast-Iron Fireback

Heavy cast-iron fireback with asymmetrically beveled corners and a presumably medieval motif scene: three men [...]
Height: 62cm, Width: 58cm

Cast-Iron Andiron

A pair of antique cast iron andirons with classic decorations. The two andirons together weigh approx. 20kg [...]
Height: 60cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 42cm

Fireback with Vintage Car

Decorative fireback with a historic classic car as a motif in raised structures. The fireback is painted [...]
Height: 45cm, Width: 62cm

Small Oven Plate

Small cast iron fireback. Price per piece. When ordering, please state the number of the firebacks you want in [...]