Lighting Series 'Gutshaus'

This „Gutshaus“ series is a great example of our constant efforts to expand our product range according to our customer needs.

From a simple crown design without any ornamentation (#2020) to elaborate styles as shown with our #2042 or #2038. We can of course manufacture any of the lighting-configuration below with any crown design pattern.


Ceiling Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Ceiling light 'Gutshaus' with rigid bow holder and a square ceiling canopy. In the bottom of this pendant [...]
Height: 66cm
US$ 2.011,00

Old City Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Two-crown courtyard light for many placement options. As patio lighting, in the garden or next to the garage [...]
Height: 261cm, Width: 77cm
US$ 5.191,00

Wall Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Compact wall lamp from the Gutshaus series. The crown decorations on the lamp cover can be omitted, if you [...]
Height: 64cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 38cm
US$ 1.608,00

Terrace Lantern 'Gutshaus'

This delicate patio light with the square crown has a heavy cast iron lamp pole with a few classic decorations [...]
Height: 190cm
US$ 2.826,00

Wall Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Square outdoor wall light with unusually shaped panes and a gently curved roof. Here, too, the decorations on [...]
Height: 72cm, Depth: 47cm
US$ 1.561,00

Terrace Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Our Gutshaus fixtures are available with or without crown or
Height: 205cm
US$ 2.897,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Gutshaus'

A streched version of our Gutshaus fixture. A great example
Height: 90cm
US$ 1.951,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Gutshaus'

A charming little garden lamp with a four-sided light head and large, slightly curved glass windows. It is [...]
Height: 83cm
US$ 1.508,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Simple square garden light with large, slightly curved glass panes and a matching roof top. The decorations on [...]
Height: 115cm
US$ 1.508,00

Wall Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Special model of a 'Gutshaus' fixture with additional decorations on the lamp bars.
Height: 80cm, Width: 23cm, Depth: 34cm
US$ 2.116,00

Wall Lantern 'Gutshaus'

A pretty manor house wall lamp with a classic s-shaped wall bracket and a square lamp head with large glass [...]
Height: 74cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 1.478,00

More pictures from our Gallery:

Customized / Shorter Version of Terrace Lantern (Art. 2031)
Matching Lights beside the entry door and on the path. Both from our 'Gutshaus' Series.