Water Basins and Fountains


Gothic Wall Fountain

Gothic style wall fountain with distinctive decorations. A prime example of traditional foundry art. Supplied [...]
Height: 100cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 33cm
US$ 1.603,00

Antique Water Basin

Classic water basin for the terrace or for the garden house made of cast aluminum in our foundry. The 3/4 [...]
Height: 65cm, Width: 41cm, Depth: 26cm
US$ 1.065,00
565 Z

Vintage Water Basin

Historical water basin with a prepared connection for a standard siphon as a drain. The enclosed faucet is [...]
Height: 90cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 29cm
US$ 1.573,00
565 ZS

Water Basin

Outdoor Wash-Basin made from solid cast aluminum. Painted upon your order from our variety of colors. Solid [...]
Height: 80cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 30cm
US$ 1.656,00


Our Grand fountain. Comes without a pump! Diameter upper bassin: 42 cm (16.5") Diameter middle bassin: 63 [...]
Height: 247cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

On this picture: Water Bassin (Art. 564), Newspaper Roll (Art. 1527 A), Wall Lantern Baden-Baden (Art. 2438 BB1) and one Light Bollard (Art. 414 P1)