Bollards, Light-Bollards and Shut-Off Posts

Bollards are a discreet way to provide a barrier or to guide visitors along a pathway or walkway.

Made from solid sand-cast aluminum, our bollards withstand the elements to bring you years of reliable service. They are available in the same choice of colors and patinas as our lighting fixtures to provide a completely integrated outdoor environment.


Vintage Bollard

Classic ornamental bollard made of solid cast aluminum with a square base plate. Great in combination with our [...]
Height: 90cm
US$ 1.146,00*
414 P2

Bollard with Horse-Head

This bollard features a very nicely detailed Horse-head.
Height: 114cm
US$ 1.581,00*
414 P9


This smaller Light Bollard is great a Low Voltage alternative! This is a very solid and reliable fixture.
Height: 58cm
US$ 1.022,00*
414 P1


Our best selling Light Bollard. This great fixture uses either one (1) E26 socket or two (2) E14 candelabra [...]
Height: 95cm
US$ 1.515,00*
414 P5

Decorative Bollard

Small decorative bollard. Also available as illuminated light bollard (Nr. 414 P9)
Height: 54cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 688,00*

Chain, 8x8mm, blackened

Used with our Bollards, and most ceiling lanterns.
US$ 160,00*

Bollard with Trash Can

Ornamented Bollard made of solid sand cast aluminum with an attached Trash Can. A very practical solution. [...]
Height: 109cm, Width: 37cm
US$ 1.868,00*


Ornamented Art Nouveau bollard with curved chain eyelets.
Height: 109cm
US$ 1.022,00*

Plain Bollard

This bollard fits really everywhere.
Height: 105cm
US$ 1.262,00*
414 P7


Slim bollard with square base plate. Chain rings included,
Height: 100cm, Width: 13cm
US$ 1.038,00*
414 P3


Great simple but solid Bollard design. Comes with two chain hooks in 180° order, but may also be ordered in [...]
Height: 99cm
US$ 1.022,00*

More pictures from our Gallery:

On this picture: Water Bassin (Art. 564), Newspaper Roll (Art. 1527 A), Wall Lantern Baden-Baden (Art. 2438 BB1) and one Light Bollard (Art. 414 P1)
Planting Bowl (Art. 473 Z) 
Light Bollard (Art. 414 P9) 
Wall Lantern Model 'Rheinland'
Two-Crown-Cluster Lantern 'City' (Art. 1992 M3) combined with bollards (Art. 560) and one bollard with an attached trash can (Art. 559).
Light-Bollard (Art. 414 P1) with Chain (Art. 402).