Antique Doorbell Selections

Individual Doorbells for Vintage Homes

Each doorbell is sandcasted in our foundry with the traditional sand mold casting. With this process, we can offer individual text elements or custom ornaments. Additionally, the position for the bell button or name plate are customizable.
Please contact us with special requests.

Round sign with bell button

A classically decorated antique bell button plate with encircling ornaments of cast aluminum (sand mold [...]
Height: 11cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 0,8cm
US$ 154,00*

Square Shaped Doorbell Button

This square bell sign can be ordered with up to 10 raised letters (block capitals in capital letters only) for [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

Sign with one bell button

Decorative bell sign in the Art Nouveau style. Bell button in black with brass edge or optionally in anodised [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 163,00*

Sign with bell button

Cast Aluminium Doorbell Plate as a replacement for an existing Intercom front plate. Comes with one Bell [...]
Height: 25cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 415,00*
455 Z

Sign with bell button

Victorian style Doorbell plate for mounting over an existing intercom. With one or two bell buttons and frames [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 16.5cm
US$ 471,00*

Sign with bell button

The perfect choice for any two Family home! Buttons may be installed right or left. Engraved Brass nameplates [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 252,00*

Sign with bell button

One of our newest Doorbell designs. Also available as a doorbell with two bell-buttons (No. 508).
Height: 17cm, Width: 13cm
US$ 199,00*

Small doorbell button

Small decorative doorbell button. The Button is also available in aluminium color.
Height: 7cm, Width: 8cm
US$ 95,00*

Doorbell with Text

Doorbell button with circular textfield for individual inscriptions. Up to 10 capital letters are included. [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 19cm
US$ 297,00*

Sign with bell button

Vintage Doorbell Sign for individual inscriptions and solid casted text 'Willkommen'. (Inscription not [...]
Height: 10cm, Width: 14cm
US$ 155,00*

Narrow Doorbell Sign

Very narrow bell sign with an attached house number, speech slots for an existing intercom, a bell button and [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 489,00*

Antique Doorbell Button

Classic doorbell plate with a centrally arranged engraved nameplate made of brass with frame. The bell [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

Doorbell Button

Round doorbell button with a decorative and simple structure. It is made to be glued to the wall - optional we [...]
Height: 9,8cm, Width: 9,8cm
US$ 130,00*
456 Z

Sign with bell buttons

Bell sign with Art Nouveau elements on the edges. The cut out speech slots for an existing intercom and the [...]
Height: 33cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 620,00*

Sign with bell button

Small Doorbell Button with an oval field (62mm x 105mm) which can be used for custom inscription.
Height: 15cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 154,00*

Small Doorbell

Small doorbell with leaf pattern. Small doorbell plate with leaf motifs as edging made of sandcast [...]
Height: 7,5cm, Width: 7,5cm
US$ 145,00*

Doorbell Button

Nicely decorated doorbell made of cast aluminum with a variety of options for inscriptions, e.g. Name lines in [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 18cm
US$ 249,00*

Doorbell with Lionshead

Antique Doorbell sign with two doorbell buttons and frames for namesigns. This modell is also available with [...]
Height: 23,5cm, Width: 12,5cm
US$ 216,00*

Brass Doorbell Button

Small doorbell button made from massive brass. With a detachable frame for extra nameplate.
Height: 16cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 162,00*

Sign with bell button

2-fold doorbell with variable arrangement of the frames for the nameplates and the bell buttons. Available [...]
Height: 17cm, Width: 13cm
US$ 252,00*

Doorbell with three bell buttons

This extended model of the doorbell plate No. 510 offers three bell buttons with name badge frames. The [...]
Height: 35cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 585,00*

Door Bell Button

Small bell sign with Heinzelmännchen motif. An individual lettering in the provided text box with plastic [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 7cm
US$ 163,00*

Sign with bell button

The perfect choice for any two Family home! Engraved Brass plates are available as Art.No 60.
Height: 14cm, Width: 23cm
US$ 264,00*

Sign with bell button

Shown with four doorbells. But may be extended to six if needed.
Height: 39cm, Width: 10cm
US$ 391,00*

Door bell

Antique doorbell panel with a doorbell and classic geometric patterns. The attachment can be vertical or [...]
Height: 5cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 151,00*

Doorbell Button

Vintage Doorbell sign with mystic faces and two buttons. No inscription available.
Height: 20cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 308,00*

Vintage Doorbell

Intricately decorated bell plate with bell button and a small name area for engraving or lettering
Height: 30cm, Width: 14cm
US$ 427,00*

More pictures from our Gallery:

Simple Door-Bell Button (Art. 971) in White with Charcoal-Grey-Patina.
Extended Model of Doorbell No. 510.
Doorbell: (Art. 452-1) 
Wallsign: (Art. 453 Z) 
Wall Lantern: (Art. 6147)
Two wall lanterns (Art. 6106) illuminate this entry which as well has a doorbell button from Dahlhaus.