Ceiling Lanterns


Ceiling Lantern 'Landhaus'

Ceiling light 'Landhaus', complete with canopy and 50cm long chain, painted to match the lamp. A longer chain [...]
Height: 113cm, Width: 35cm
US$ 1.360,00

Ceiling Lantern 'Aktuell'

At almost one meter high, this is our largest ceiling light. It matches the size of the classic street lamps [...]
Height: 195cm
US$ 2.897,00

Ceiling Lantern 'Classic'

Plain but decorative ceiling lantern in a rectangular shape. On request, the corner ornaments can be omitted. [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 32cm
US$ 1.035,00
2400 BB1

Ceiling Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

Outdoor ceiling light with a round lantern body and a matching ornamented ceiling canopy. We can adjust the [...]
Height: 95cm
US$ 1.053,00
8400 CH2

Ceiling Lantern 'Romantik'

The ceiling lamp of the Romantik model series is also available in the versions CH0 (without ornaments) or CH1 [...]
Height: 100cm, Width: 25cm
US$ 1.727,00

Ceiling Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Ceiling light 'Gutshaus' with rigid bow holder and a square ceiling canopy. In the bottom of this pendant [...]
Height: 66cm
US$ 2.011,00
2500 BB3

Large Ceiling Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

With this large ceiling lamp from the 'Baden-Baden' series, the chain length can be varied. It is also [...]
Height: 150cm, Width: 48cm
US$ 2.650,00
1800 BB2

Ceiling Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

Eye-catching and unique round ceiling light with a sturdy chain and decorated ceiling canopy. We can set up [...]
Height: 120cm
US$ 1.478,00
7400 M5

Ceiling Lantern 'Rheinland-Maxi'

Ceiling light with chain and ornamental ceiling canopy. The E27 lamp holder is located in the roof of the lamp [...]
Height: 120cm
US$ 1.159,00