Decorative items from our Foundry


Vintage Thermometer

A small, decorative thermometer on a slightly ornamented cast aluminum wall plaque. Baseplate and thermometer [...]
Height: 39cm, Width: 10cm
US$ 431,00

Vintage Key Case

A key cabinet made of wood with a unique cast aluminum front panel with classic decorations. The door is held [...]
Height: 61cm, Width: 37cm, Depth: 8cm
US$ 1.319,00

Antique Show-Case

Vintage show- or menucase made from solid cast aluminium. With a wide opening door with a lock. The backside [...]
Height: 67cm, Width: 73cm, Depth: 9cm
US$ 2.654,00

Solid Wheel-Stopper

A historic wheelstopper with nice details. In the old days, it protected walls and entry columns from being [...]
Height: 44cm, Depth: 24cm
US$ 934,00

Solid Door Mat

Cast aluminum floor mat. As a special extra, you can order individual lettering, e.g. "WELCOME TO [your name]"
Width: 59cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 650,00


Almost in real size! Cast aluminium, colour bronce, Antique
Height: 55cm, Width: 39cm
US$ 4.340,00
577 Z

Wall Plastic

Consisting out of three pieces. Two facing lions and one center Emblem! The Emblem can be customized according [...]
Height: 78cm, Width: 150cm
US$ 2.602,00

Vintage Wardrobe with three coat hooks

Vintage style wardrobe made from solid cast aluminium with three coat hooks.
Height: 42cm, Width: 42cm, Depth: 17cm
US$ 904,00

Large vintage style Thermometer

Large outdoor thermometer on a classic wall plate made of solid cast aluminum. A beautiful and decorative [...]
Height: 45cm, Width: 12,5cm, Depth: 3,5cm
US$ 722,00

Solid Door Knocker

This Door Knocker features a very traditional Lions head. The base is made from cast iron, the ring from [...]
Height: 22cm, Width: 22cm
US$ 249,00
473 Z

Planting Bowl

Our wall mounted Planting Bowl adds character to your backjard or even on your balcony!
Height: 42cm, Width: 90cm, Depth: 22cm
US$ 781,00

Wall Plate with hunting scene

Showing a hunting scene. With Boars, Dogs and horses. Contures are up to 3" deep!
Height: 93cm, Width: 107cm, Depth: 10cm
US$ 5.332,00

Unique Hose Holder

Hose holder for your garden hose. Deorated with a sun and moon motive, painted upon your order from our range [...]
Height: 45cm, Width: 45cm, Depth: 27cm
US$ 1.053,00

Large Garden Vase

Large solid cast aluminium garden vase on an ornate base. The vase is also available without the base. [...]
Height: 117cm, Width: 80cm
US$ 9.448,00

Small Old German Clock

Great for indoors as well as outdoor patios.
Height: 42cm, Width: 26cm, Depth: 10cm
US$ 946,00


Small door knocker after antique model. The inner surface can be used for individual labeling, for example.
Height: 23cm, Width: 8.5cm
US$ 213,00
475 Z

Planting Bowl

Our wall mounted Planting Bowl adds character to your backjard or even on your balcony!
Height: 47cm, Width: 90cm, Depth: 22cm
US$ 834,00

Statue of the Virgin Mary

Weatherproof Madonna statue made of solid cast aluminum on a small wall bracket. The painting of the statue [...]
Height: 63cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 12cm
US$ 2.691,00


Ornamented Photoframe made of solid cast aluminium.
Height: 42cm, Width: 32cm
US$ 191,00

Old German Street Clock

Large vintage street clock with a two sided illuminated clock face behind clear glass panes. The mast consists [...]
Height: 370cm, Width: 71cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

Vintage Show-Case (Art. 447) shown here painted in white with charcoal-grey patina.
Vintage Menu box (Art. 447)
Planting Bowl (Art. 473 Z) 
Light Bollard (Art. 414 P9) 
Wall Lantern Model 'Rheinland'