Street Lights - Type 'Altstadt'

Vintage Lanterns for Marketplaces and pedestrian areas.

Original sized street lanterns with simple and plain structures on the crown combined with solid, antique poles make a timeless design, that easily fits into rural and urban areas. Several types of lighting technology may be used from LED to High Pressure Sodium Lamps with an E26/E27 screw base.

7119 S

Old City Lantern 'Altstadt'

At just under 3m high, this relatively small old town lantern is ideal for use in large gardens and parks. [...]
Height: 292cm
US$ 6.741,00
7148 S

Wall Lantern 'Altstadt'

Large city-style wall fixture with ornated wall bracket and a matching Schinkel-bracket under the lamp head. [...]
Height: 110cm, Depth: 70cm
US$ 3.430,00
7117 S

Wall Lantern 'Altstadt'

Our brass socket covers may be painted to match the color of the fixture.
Height: 100cm, Depth: 60cm
US$ 3.311,00
7193 S

Wall Lantern 'Altstadt'

The large wall lights from the 'Altstadt' series are characterized by a unique roof and particularly large [...]
Height: 103cm, Depth: 60cm
US$ 3.430,00
7112 S

Old City Lantern 'Altstadt'

Very elegant two crown fixture. Crown cluster width: 49.6
Height: 348cm, Width: 126cm
7113 S

Old City Lantern 'Altstadt'

This three crown cluster works great to illuminate larger areas. Three crown cluster width: 49.2
Height: 348cm, Width: 125cm

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Mid-Size Old-City-Lantern (Art. 7119 S)