Medium-sized Lanterns - Type 'City'

The 'City' line is ideal for municipal projects incorporating large public spaces, and also for larger residences. Ornamentation around the crown is optional. City fixtures are also compatible with the smaller brackets and poles of the Landhaus line. They are even available with the exact same design elements as the `Landhaus´ Seriesto match that style at a larger scale.

1991 M3

Street Lantern 'City'

One of our most popular lamps. Visually, it corresponds to the large street lamps, it is 'only' 2.85m high and [...]
Height: 285cm
US$ 5.617,00

Large Wall Lantern 'City'

Our Berlin City line can easily be combined with our other three Berlin series fixtures.
Height: 131cm, Depth: 68cm
US$ 2.897,00

Wall Lantern 'City'

Our Berlin City line can easily be combined with our other three Berlin series fixtures.
Height: 94cm, Depth: 50cm
US$ 2.188,00

Terrace Lantern 'City'

Medium sized lamp in the typical old town lantern look of the Schinkel lamps, just a little smaller. With [...]
Height: 248cm
US$ 4.198,00
1992 M3

Old City Lantern

Two-Crown Old-Town-Lantern to match the Art.-Nr.: 1991 M3 . Luminaire mast made entirely of cast aluminum with [...]
Height: 300cm, Width: 115cm
US$ 8.868,00

Wall Lantern 'City'

Our largest Berlin City Wall Lantern. Shown with Butzen Glass. (Available with all fixures on special [...]
Height: 108cm, Depth: 76cm
US$ 2.897,00

Pedestal Lantern 'City'

Pedestal light model 'City' on a simple round base with surrounding leaf decorations. This lantern can also be [...]
Height: 107cm
US$ 2.069,00

Wall Lantern 'City'

Antique downright Wall Lantern with an amazing Wall Plate and Bracket!
Height: 70cm, Depth: 70cm
US$ 2.897,00

Old City Lantern

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 259cm
US$ 4.954,00
1941 M3

Wall Lantern 'City'

This historic Wall Mount Fixture uses a truly amazing Wall Plate and Bracket!
Height: 88cm, Depth: 68cm
US$ 2.542,00

Old City Lantern

Notice the flower decorations on the pole!
Height: 266cm
US$ 4.849,00

Old City Lantern

Three Crown cluster width: 48.8
Height: 320cm, Width: 124cm
US$ 10.525,00

Pedestal Lantern 'City'

Uses our Berlin Crown without crown decorations and different finial. (Available with all Berlin City [...]
Height: 238cm, Width: 40cm
US$ 4.138,00

Old City Lantern

Large 5-flame old town lantern with a solid lamp post made of rust-proof cast aluminum. An eye-catcher for [...]
Height: 400cm, Width: 150cm

Three-Crown-Cluster Vintage Street Lantern 'City'

Beautifull vintage Three-Crown-Cluster Street- and Garden-Lantern made from solid cast aluminium. This lantern [...]
Height: 314cm, Width: 120cm

Arched Lantern 'City'

This unique luminaire with two differently sized arched brackets and luminaire heads is another example of the [...]
Height: 380cm, Width: 130cm
1495 M3

Old City Lantern

Large 5-Crown-Cluster Lantern. Completely made from solid cast aluminium.
Height: 395cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

We provided a cast-iron old-town-lantern (Art. 1981) for the booth of the VDG Verein Deutscher Giessereifachleute e.V. at the International Foundry Trade Fair in Duesseldorf. © Reinhard Manter
The small Street-Lantern (Art. 1991 M3) is great for Pedestrian areas and restricted traffic zones.
Lantern with 5-Crown-Cluster (Art. 1995). Shown here with Cathedral-Style-Glass.
Flat Wall Lanterns Type 'Provence' (Art. 2103) and mid-size Wall Lanterns 'City' (Art. 1917)
Custom Lantern (Art. 1853) with crown decorations to match the smaller models from the 'Landhaus' lighting series.
Three-Crown-Cluster Streetlatern from our 'City' Lighting Series.
Two-Crown-Cluster Lantern 'City' (Art. 1992 M3) combined with bollards (Art. 560) and one bollard with an attached trash can (Art. 559).
Five-Crown-Cluster Lantern {{1995}
Different sizes matching each other. Model 'Aktuell' on the left and a smaller 'City' with a massive bracket on the right side.
Large 5-Crown-Cluster Lantern from our lighting series 'City'.This one is similar to (Art. 1495 M3). Some details like the brackets can be changed upon request.