Single Crown Pole Lanterns higher than 1,80m

1051 P1

Terrace Lantern 'Anno1900'

Small patio light from the 'Anno 1900' series. A simple and straightforward light design made from endurable [...]
Height: 210cm
US$ 2.188,00
1991 M3

Street Lantern 'City'

One of our most popular lamps. Visually, it corresponds to the large street lamps, it is 'only' 2.85m high and [...]
Height: 285cm
US$ 5.617,00

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Typical classic street lamp that can still be found in many cities in Germany. One-piece cast aluminum [...]
Height: 395cm
US$ 8.810,00
1018 P3

Street Lantern 'Anno1900'

Original sized street lantern with classic round crown shape and impact resistant plexi glass zylinder. The [...]
Height: 330cm
US$ 6.918,00
1072 P2

Street Lantern 'Anno1900'

A very attractive small streetlantern. A romantic source of light for your terrace and garden. Great at [...]
Height: 250cm
US$ 3.961,00

Terrace Lantern 'Rheinland'

A small terrace and garden lamp with a delicate cast iron pole. The pole consists of two parts, the base and [...]
Height: 181cm
US$ 2.408,00
1782 BB2

Old City Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

One of our favorite garden lights. Completely made of solid and endurable sandcast aluminium with impact [...]
Height: 250cm
US$ 4.138,00
7119 S

Old City Lantern 'Altstadt'

At just under 3m high, this relatively small old town lantern is ideal for use in large gardens and parks. [...]
Height: 292cm
US$ 6.741,00

Terrace Lantern 'City'

Medium sized lamp in the typical old town lantern look of the Schinkel lamps, just a little smaller. With [...]
Height: 248cm
US$ 4.198,00

Arched Pedestal Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 233cm, Depth: 40cm
US$ 3.075,00

Arch Pole Lantern 'Rheinland'

One of our favorites! Also available with our Berlin Lanhaus or Globe Lanterns.
Height: 240cm, Depth: 40cm
US$ 3.075,00

Terrace Lantern 'Landhaus'

One of our most popular item. Great along your driveway or Terrace!
Height: 237cm
US$ 3.418,00
1062 P2

Terrace Lantern 'Anno1900'

Plain and simple garden lantern with only very few ornaments. Solid pole with an elegant crown.
Height: 230cm
US$ 3.134,00
2581 BB3

Old City Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

Featuring our tallest Baden Baden crown. Available with all of our large poles!
Height: 310cm
US$ 6.941,00

Terrace Lantern 'Landhaus'

Versatile terrace lamp made of weatherproof cast aluminum. Classic hexagonal lamp head with crown decorations, [...]
Height: 205cm
US$ 2.779,00

Pole Lantern 'Provence'

The overall height of this arc lamp can be flexibly adjusted from 230cm to 250cm and thus adapts optimally to [...]
Height: 230cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 30cm
US$ 3.488,00

Terrace Lantern 'Provence'

Simple, almost no-frills patio light with a slim aluminum pole.
Height: 205cm
US$ 2.779,00

Arched Lantern 'Elegance'

Fancy garden light with a large bow, a simple aluminum pole and a six-sided lamp head with selectable window [...]
Height: 235cm
US$ 3.134,00
9144 C1

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

With this simple arc lantern the total height is adjustable from approx. 230cm to 250cm. Matching wall lights, [...]
Height: 230cm
US$ 2.731,00

Old City Lantern

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 259cm
US$ 4.954,00
1831 BB2

Terrace Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

Small garden light with high luminous efficacy because of the 360° cylinder. The mast of the lamp can also be [...]
Height: 205cm
US$ 2.957,00

Terrace Lantern 'Gutshaus'

This delicate patio light with the square crown has a heavy cast iron lamp pole with a few classic decorations [...]
Height: 190cm
US$ 2.826,00
1052 P2

Terrace Lantern 'Anno1900'

Simple terrace light from the 'Anno 1900' lighting series. Comes with a clear Plexiglas cylinder.
Height: 228cm
US$ 2.661,00

Terrace Lantern 'Gutshaus'

Our Gutshaus fixtures are available with or without crown or
Height: 205cm
US$ 2.897,00

Pedestal Lantern

Plain and simple outdoor lantern with a one piece pole made of solid aluminium and a globe light. Our Globes [...]
Height: 223cm
US$ 3.607,00

Terrace Lantern 'Landhaus'

Slim pole light with only very few ornaments. The crown is also available in 'Varia' Style with a plain top.
Height: 224cm
US$ 3.430,00

Street Lantern 'Classic'

Traditional street lamp for house and yard. Completely made of stainless cast aluminum individually for you.
Height: 257cm
US$ 4.671,00

Terrace Lantern 'Noblesse'

Medium-sized old town lantern, which makes a great entrance in your garden due to its size. The head of the [...]
Height: 273cm, Width: 34cm
US$ 5.972,00

Old City Lantern 'Classic'

Rustic pole lamp with square lamp attachment. Heavy luminaire mast made of cast aluminum with a round bottom [...]
Height: 248cm
US$ 5.322,00
9044 C2

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

Arched light for your garden or house access with a simple 'Varia' lamp head. The arch of this lamp can be [...]
Height: 233cm
US$ 3.488,00