Pedestal Lanterns


Pedestal Lantern 'Landhaus'

Pedestal light 'Landhaus' with an extra Schinkel bracket. Fits ideally on medium-sized pillars or masonry [...]
Height: 72cm
US$ 1.407,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Provence'

This type of pedestal lights is suitable as a post light for wall base at gates or boundary walls. Depending [...]
Height: 60cm
US$ 1.360,00
414 P9


This smaller Light Bollard is great a Low Voltage alternative! This is a very solid and reliable fixture.
Height: 58cm
US$ 1.022,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Simple 6-cornered pedestal light with different window shapes available.
Height: 53cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.170,00
414 P1


Our best selling Light Bollard. This great fixture uses either one (1) E26 socket or two (2) E14 candelabra [...]
Height: 95cm
US$ 1.515,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Garden lamp with simple design and unobtrusive structures. The round base harmonizes very well with the [...]
Height: 105cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.166,00

Garten Lantern

A unique garden light with elaborate, hand-forged and cast leaf decorations, a hand-formed arch and a [...]
Height: 115cm, Depth: 45cm
US$ 1.773,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Provence'

A wonderful midsize pedestal lantern for country or suburban settings.
Height: 117cm
US$ 1.596,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Landhaus'

Versatile pedestal light from our 'Landhaus' series. Great on slightly elevated walls.
Height: 80cm
US$ 1.407,00

Pond Lantern 'Landhaus'

Our Provence or Westfalen crowns also work very well with this fixture.
Height: 118cm
US$ 2.661,00
214 P1

Pedestal Lantern 'Anno1900'

The smallest pedestal light from the Anno 1900 lighting series. Square base plate with swiveling bracket. [...]
Height: 62cm
US$ 1.242,00
9041 C1

Arched Lantern 'Country'

An unusual little arc lamp with a 'Country' lamp attachment. The design of the arc is a real eye-catcher.
Height: 136cm, Depth: 35cm
US$ 1.824,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Noblesse'

Pedestal light from the 'Noblesse' series. The simple base with subtle decorations fits perfectly with the [...]
Height: 97cm, Width: 34cm
US$ 1.951,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland'

This medium size pedestal light from the Rheinland series with its round base is ideal as an attachment for [...]
Height: 53cm
US$ 1.053,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland'

A real miniture Lantern. Great for your backjard.
Height: 139cm
US$ 1.773,00

Large Pedestal Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large pedestal light in the dimensions of the original hexagonal street lights in Schinkel style. Best suited [...]
Height: 150cm
US$ 3.535,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland'

This fixture looks great on Entry Columns or smaller walls.
Height: 71cm
US$ 1.242,00
1071 P1

Pedestal Lantern 'Anno1900'

Small pole lantern, which is often used to illuminate garden areas and flower beds.
Height: 128cm
US$ 1.715,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Simple pedestal light with the hexagonal 'Elegance' lamp head. In addition, 2 alternative window shapes are [...]
Height: 84cm, Width: Ø 20cm
US$ 1.210,00

Pedestal Lantern

Medium-sized stand lamp with a fancy crown decor. An individual highlight for every garden. The luminaire [...]
Height: 133cm
US$ 2.945,00
5193 M6

Pedestal Lantern 'Westfalen'

This pedestal light from the 'Westfalen' series with its clear shapes and few decorations is suitable for many [...]
Height: 58cm
US$ 1.181,00

Pedestal Lantern 'City'

Pedestal light model 'City' on a simple round base with surrounding leaf decorations. This lantern can also be [...]
Height: 107cm
US$ 2.069,00

Pedestal Lantern

Small stand lamp with square head and generous glass surfaces that let a lot of light pass through.
Height: 104cm
US$ 1.163,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Provence'

Simple base lantern as a top light for wall posts and gate pillars. Manufactured from solid sandcast aluminium [...]
Height: 60cm
US$ 1.177,00

Terrace Lantern 'Elegance'

Half-height patio lamp with straight lines and only a few ornaments on the lamp base. Both classic bulbs and [...]
Height: 130cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.407,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Mini-Boulevard'

One of our smallest pedestal lights with a slim and sleek base. It is well suited as classic effect lighting [...]
Height: 53cm
US$ 928,00

Gartenlantern with Sculpture 'Landhaus'

This model offers a classic combination of garden light with an antique sculpture, which can also be combined [...]
Height: 144cm, Width: 35cm
US$ 3.295,00

Pillar Lantern 'Classic'

Rectangular vintage style light for use on gate posts and stone columns.
Height: 63cm
US$ 1.762,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland'

This small pole lamp is one of our highlights. The slightly decorated base looks very good with the [...]
Height: 104cm, Width: 24cm
US$ 1.242,00
7493 M5

Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland-Maxi'

Durable pedestal light fixture with no additional decorative elements. Very plain and elegant on entrance ways [...]
Height: 62cm
US$ 1.312,00