Lighting Series'Noblesse'

The lights from this series are a little bit bigger than the similar looking models from the 'Classic' Series.

However, they can be combined with almost all the other available brackets and poles to create your individual lantern type.


Pedestal Lantern 'Noblesse'

Pedestal light from the 'Noblesse' series. The simple base with subtle decorations fits perfectly with the [...]
Height: 97cm, Width: 34cm
US$ 1.951,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Noblesse'

Square pedestal light that is ideal as a top-mounted light for stone-walls and -columns. The decorations made [...]
Height: 75,5cm, Width: 34cm
US$ 1.773,00

Wall Lantern 'Noblesse'

Large square wall lamp in the style of the historic gas lamps, as they were used in the past mainly in cities.
Height: 98cm, Width: 34cm, Depth: 72cm
US$ 2.105,00

Terrace Lantern 'Noblesse'

Medium-sized old town lantern, which makes a great entrance in your garden due to its size. The head of the [...]
Height: 273cm, Width: 34cm
US$ 5.972,00

Wall Lantern 'Noblesse'

Stately wall light for the illumination of large entrance gates and gates with high façade surfaces. The [...]
Height: 94cm, Width: 34cm, Depth: 58cm
US$ 2.306,00