Vintage House Number Plates and Signs


Vintage House Number Sign

A simple square house number plate with few ornaments, for which we offer versatile labeling options with [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 25cm
US$ 175,00*

Cast Aluminium House Numbers

Made of cast aluminum old German numbers and lowercase letters (a-f) for placement on signs and house number [...]
Height: 9cm, Width: ca. 5cm
US$ 44,00*

Wall Sign with House Number and Name

Medium size wall plate made of cast aluminum with attached house numbers and raised font letters for your name [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 33cm
US$ 370,00*

Cast Aluminium House Number (per piece)

Large numbers made of sand casted aluminum as well visible house numbers. Fixing with two galvanized steel [...]
Height: 15cm, Width: ca. 13cm
US$ 83,00*
454 Z

Vintage Wall-Sign

Can be installed horizontaly (as shown) or verticaly. The area available for labeling is 240mm x 65mm.
Height: 10cm, Width: 39cm
US$ 237,00*

House Number Plaque

Base plate of an antique house numberplate with stylized document margins. For house numbers with 3 digits, [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 24cm
US$ 264,00*

Small Sign

This plate can be labeled according to your wishes. The available space is 6.5 x 12.5 cm. A gold leaf [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 15cm
US$ 130,00*
400 Z

Large House Number Plate

Large house number sign with decorative ornaments made of solid cast aluminium. Custom inscriptions for this [...]
Height: 42cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 400,00*

Rustic House Number Set

Set of house number and the leading letters 'No' with two numbers as requested. The house numbers are fixed [...]
Height: 9cm
US$ 208,00*

Antique Wall-Sign

A perfect Name plate or direction plate. Please contact us for special inscription inquiries.
Height: 28cm, Width: 45cm
US$ 356,00*


Medium sized Wall-Plate for individual inscriptions, either with leaf-gold or with cast-aluminium letters to [...]
Height: 16,5cm, Width: 25,5cm
US$ 162,00*

Wall Sign

Unique decorated anique wall plate for custom inscriptions with applied lettering, in color or lettering with [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 39,5cm
US$ 578,00*

Ornamented Sign

Old German crown shield with two fields for individual inscriptions - e.g. the house number in the small upper [...]
Height: 35cm, Width: 90cm
US$ 489,00*

Small House Number Plate

Small apple shaped Housenumber-Sign made to order. Leaf-Gold inscription uses font #399/01 or almost any [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 136,00*

Extra Narrow House-Number

Narrow House Number made from solid sandcast aluminium. Material thickness of each number is one centimeter.
Height: 10,5cm, Width: ca. 4,5cm
US$ 45,00*

Vintage Sign

This medium sized wall sign can be labeled according to your wishes. Alternatively, we can also cast it with [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 45cm
US$ 324,00*
401 Z

House Number Plate

House number plate with a beautiful relief border. The numbers can be chosen in real leaf-gold or with cast [...]
Height: 31cm, Width: 26,5cm
US$ 368,00*

Round House-Number-Sign

A vintage house numberplate with crown ornamentation including up to 2 digits made of cast numbers, or [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 3cm

Large Wall Plate

Height: 30cm, Width: 82cm
US$ 771,00*

Vintage House Numbers

Narrow house number of cast aluminum after antique original models. The material thickness of the numbers is [...]
Height: 10,5cm, Width: 4cm, Depth: 1cm

Cast Aluminium Sign for Embossed Inscriptions

A simple wall sign with geometric straight lines. Great as a nameplate on your entrance door. Inscription not [...]
Height: 8cm, Width: 56cm
US$ 394,00*

Vintage Wall-Plate

Use this sign for your name, or any other message!
Height: 25cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 356,00*

Double side Sign

Double-sided wall sign with stylized chains. (not movable) The sign can be labeled from both sides and [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 37cm
US$ 578,00*
465 Z

Small Wall-Sign

Use it as Name Plate or as a Doorbell!
Height: 19cm, Width: 18cm
US$ 136,00*

House Number

Medium size Houses Number Plate in an Apple Style Design. Numbers can be ordered in leaf-gold or in solid cast [...]
Height: 23cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 178,00*
453 Z

Door Sign

Decorative sign for individual labeling either with solid casted letters or with a leaf-gold inscription.
Height: 11cm, Width: 58cm
US$ 356,00*

Wall Sign

Wall Sign for various types of individual text. Shown here with sandcasted letters. (Price without [...]
Height: 11cm, Width: 32cm
US$ 216,00*
463 Z

Ornamented Sign

Very large and impressive Wall Plate. Great for any Business!
Height: 42cm, Width: 46cm
US$ 519,00*

Numero sign for Housenumbers

Numero sign for the large house numbers (Art.-No. 50704). The two separate signs are inserted into the wall in [...]
Height: 15cm, Width: 30cm
US$ 166,00*

Wall-Sign with Inscription `Vorsicht Freilaufender Hund`

Small sign with the text 'Vorsicht Freilaufender Hund' in raised, cast block letters. We recommend [...]
Height: 12,5cm, Width: 23cm
US$ 173,00*

More pictures from our Gallery:

Housenumber (Art. 403) with cast-aluminium numbers and a Mail Throw-In-Slot (Art. 1521) with a Name in casted letters.
Entry to a Restaurant in the Bodensee area in southern Germany. With two wall lanterns from our 'Anno 1900' series (Art. 242 P1), a matching wall mailbox  (Art. 1524 A) and a sign with an inscription (Art. 441) above the door.
Housenumber-Plate (Art. 511) with solid casted numbers.
Doorbell: (Art. 452-1) 
Wallsign: (Art. 453 Z) 
Wall Lantern: (Art. 6147)
3-crown cluster Lantern 'Anno 1900', Custom made Mailbox and Housnumberplate (Art. 511)
A beautiful entranceWall Lantern 'Rhineland' (Art. 6107},Numberplate {{403), Mailbox (Art. 1522)
Streetlantern (Art. 1262) from 'Landhaus' seriesOther articles at this picture :Wall Lantern: 'Mini-Boulevard'Numberplate (Art. 403)Wall-Mailbox (Art. 1522)