Vintage House Number Plates and Signs

We manufacture your personal house number based on original models of old house number plates and cast plates.

The available types of inscription with real paint, cast letters or numbers make every sign unique.
Please contact us by phone or email if you have any further questions.


Vintage House Number Sign

A simple square house number plate with few ornaments, for which we offer versatile labeling options with [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 25cm
US$ 236,00

Cast Aluminium House Number

Made of cast aluminum old German numbers and lowercase letters (a-f) for placement on signs and house number [...]
Height: 9cm, Width: ca. 5cm
US$ 52,00

Cast Aluminium House Number (per piece)

Large numbers made of sand casted aluminum as well visible house numbers. Fixing with two galvanized steel [...]
Height: 15,7cm, Width: ca. 13cm
US$ 98,00

Wall Sign with House Number and Name

Medium size wall plate made of cast aluminum with attached house numbers and raised font letters for your name [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 33cm
US$ 438,00

House Number Plaque

Base plate of an antique house numberplate with stylized document margins. For house numbers with 3 digits, [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 24cm
US$ 312,00
454 Z

Vintage Wall-Sign

Can be installed horizontaly (as shown) or verticaly. The area available for labeling is 240mm x 65mm.
Height: 10cm, Width: 39cm
US$ 280,00

Small Sign With Casted Inscription

This plate can be labeled according to your wishes. The available space is 6.5 x 12.5 cm. An inscription in [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 15cm
US$ 190,00
400 Z

Large House Number Plate

Large house number sign with decorative ornaments made of solid cast aluminium. Custom inscriptions for this [...]
Height: 42cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 473,00

Vintage House Numbers

Narrow house number of cast aluminum after antique original models. The material thickness of the numbers is [...]
Height: 10,5cm, Width: 4cm, Depth: 1cm

Rustic House Number Set

Set of house number and the leading letters 'No' with two numbers as requested. The house numbers are fixed [...]
Height: 9cm
US$ 246,00

Antique Wall-Sign

Classic wall sign made of solid cast aluminium, for which we can offer a wide range of inscription options [...]
Height: 28cm, Width: 45cm
US$ 421,00

Round House-Number-Sign

A vintage house numberplate with crown ornamentation including up to 2 digits made of cast numbers, or [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 3cm
401 Z

House Number Plate

House number plate with a beautiful relief border including up to two numbers. The house numbers can be [...]
Height: 31cm, Width: 26,5cm
US$ 436,00


Medium sized Wall-Plate for individual inscriptions, either with leaf-gold or with cast-aluminium letters to [...]
Height: 16,5cm, Width: 25,5cm
US$ 191,00

Ornamented Sign

Old German crown shield with two fields for individual inscriptions - e.g. the house number in the small upper [...]
Height: 35cm, Width: 90cm
US$ 579,00

Vintage Sign

This medium sized wall sign can be labeled according to your wishes. Alternatively, we can also cast it with [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 45cm
US$ 383,00

Extra Narrow House-Number

Narrow House Number made from solid sandcast aluminium. Material thickness of each number is one centimeter.
Height: 10,5cm, Width: ca. 4,5cm
US$ 53,00

Wall Sign

Unique decorated anique wall plate for custom inscriptions with applied lettering, in color or lettering with [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 39,5cm
US$ 683,00

Small House Number Plate

Small apple shaped Housenumber-Sign made to order. Leaf-Gold inscription uses font #399/01 or almost any [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 190,00

Large Wall Plate

On this historical wall sign, there are two areas available for lettering, which can be designed either with [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 82cm
US$ 948,00

Vintage Wall-Plate

Classic wall sign made of solid cast aluminum. It can be used for a variety of inscriptions or as a base plate [...]
Height: 25cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 421,00

Cast Aluminium Sign for Embossed Inscriptions

A simple wall sign with geometric straight lines. Great as a nameplate on your entrance door. The text is set [...]
Height: 8cm, Width: 56cm
US$ 499,00

Double side Sign

Double-sided wall sign with stylized chains. (not movable) The sign can be labeled from both sides and [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 37cm
US$ 483,00
465 Z

Small Wall-Sign

A small, simple wall plate made of cast aluminum that you can use, for example, as a name plate, information [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 18cm
US$ 161,00
453 Z

Door Sign

Decorative sign for individual labeling either with solid casted letters or with a leaf-gold inscription.
Height: 11cm, Width: 58cm
US$ 457,00

House Number

Medium size Houses Number Plate in an Apple Style Design. Numbers can be ordered in leaf-gold or in solid cast [...]
Height: 23cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 230,00

Antique Wall Sign With Raised Inscription

Vintage wall sign with subtle decorations and a narrow all-round border. The sign can be used for a variety of [...]
Height: 11cm, Width: 32cm
US$ 291,00

Wall-Sign with Inscription `Vorsicht Freilaufender Hund`

Small sign with the text 'Vorsicht Freilaufender Hund' in raised, cast block letters. We recommend [...]
Height: 12,5cm, Width: 23cm
US$ 205,00
463 Z

Ornamented Sign

Very large and impressive Wall Plate. Great for any Business! Large antique cast aluminum wall plaque that [...]
Height: 42cm, Width: 46cm
US$ 614,00

Numero sign for Housenumbers

Numero sign for the large house numbers Art.-Nr.: 50704 . The two separate signs are inserted into the wall in [...]
Height: 15cm, Width: 30cm
US$ 196,00

More pictures from our Gallery:

Vintage House Number Plaque (Art. 403)  with numbers in gold color
Mailbox with Newspaper Roll (Art. 1524 AZ) in Green (RAL6009) with a custom casted throw-in-slot. Above is an House Number Plaque (Art. 403) with a white painted number.
Restored House in northern Germany with a House Number Sign (Art. 403) and Wall Mailbox (Art. 1524 A) with a custom inscription on the throw-in slot
Vintage House-Numberplate (Art. 511) with elavated number 6 (Art. 403-02).
Housenumber (Art. 403) with cast-aluminium numbers and a Mail Throw-In-Slot (Art. 1521) with a Name in casted letters.
Entry to a Restaurant in the Bodensee area in southern Germany. With two wall lanterns from our 'Anno 1900' series (Art. 242 P1), a matching wall mailbox  (Art. 1524 A) and a sign with an inscription (Art. 441) above the door.
Housenumber-Plate (Art. 511) with solid casted numbers (Art. 40301).
Doorbell: (Art. 452-1) 
Wallsign: (Art. 453 Z) 
Wall Lantern: (Art. 6147)
3-crown cluster Lantern 'Anno 1900', Custom made Mailbox and Housnumberplate (Art. 511)
A beautiful entranceWall Lantern 'Rhineland' (Art. 6107},Numberplate {{403), Mailbox (Art. 1522)