Lighting Series Elegance

Plain Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

One of our latest designs.

The 'Elegance' series features clear geometrical lines and no decorative elements that give this series a simplistic appearance. Each lantern is equipped with one medium (E26) base socket and a socket cover.
The crown-hood lifts up after removing three screws in order to exchange the bulb.


Wall Lantern 'Elegance'

Our new wall light from the series 'Elegance'. Simple elegance in a classic style. The rectangular glass [...]
Height: 50cm, Width: 19cm, Depth: 27cm
US$ 993,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Simple 6-cornered pedestal light with different window shapes available.
Height: 53cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.170,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Garden lamp with simple design and unobtrusive structures. The round base harmonizes very well with the [...]
Height: 105cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.166,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Elegance'

Simple pedestal light with the hexagonal 'Elegance' lamp head. In addition, 2 alternative window shapes are [...]
Height: 84cm, Width: Ø 20cm
US$ 1.210,00

Arched Lantern 'Elegance'

Fancy garden light with a large bow, a simple aluminum pole and a six-sided lamp head with selectable window [...]
Height: 235cm
US$ 3.134,00

Terrace Lantern 'Elegance'

Half-height patio lamp with straight lines and only a few ornaments on the lamp base. Both classic bulbs and [...]
Height: 130cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 1.407,00