Lighting-Series Type 'Country'

Plain Country Style Lanterns

A unique sample of sophisticated lighting. We offer two sizes to accommodate a large number of lighting requirements. This style delivers a beautiful contrast from the plain lanterntop to the the hand-crafted, arched brackets, that may also be used with other lantern styles.

9036 C1

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

Small simple arc lamp without many ornaments. The smooth light roof and the straight lines of the lamp result [...]
Height: 88cm, Width: 35cm
US$ 1.419,00
9041 C1

Arched Lantern 'Country'

An unusual little arc lamp with a 'Country' lamp attachment. The design of the arc is a real eye-catcher.
Height: 136cm, Depth: 35cm
US$ 1.824,00
9144 C1

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

With this simple arc lantern the total height is adjustable from approx. 230cm to 250cm. Matching wall lights, [...]
Height: 230cm
US$ 2.731,00
9236 C2

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

Visually this arc light corresponds to the model 9036 C1, but is a bit bigger. Since the arch is handmade we [...]
Height: 98cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 46cm
US$ 1.718,00
9044 C2

Arched Terrace Lantern 'Country'

Arched light for your garden or house access with a simple 'Varia' lamp head. The arch of this lamp can be [...]
Height: 233cm
US$ 3.488,00
9043 C2

Pedestal Lantern 'Country'

Slim vintage style light without any decorations. Clear glass offers even more simplicity to the overall [...]
Height: 220cm
US$ 3.146,00
9013 C1

Pedestal Lantern 'Country'

A very simple styled 3-cluster-crown terrace lantern.
Height: 230cm, Width: 70cm
US$ 5.469,00
9015 C1

Simple 5-Crown Pedestal Lantern 'Country'

Very simple 5-crown garden light with smooth contours, four lightly decorated light arms and a slim light [...]
Height: 240cm, Width: 72cm
US$ 6.764,00

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