Vintage Wall Lanterns

Cast Aluminium Outdoor Lights and Lanterns

Round, square or with glass globes, facing down or standing upright, large or small. From our large stock of original lantern models, we build your favorite lights in perfectly matched shapes and colors.

Each lantern is made of solid cast aluminum parts and is made to order. There are many options available: with or without ornaments around the top, in hanging or standing design, alternative wall signs and much more.
We are happy to advise you personally.

221 P1

Wall Lantern 'Anno1900'

This down-facing 'Anno 1900' fixture is one of our most popular lighting models. Its plain shape with vintage [...]
Height: 60cm, Depth: 48cm
US$ 1.289,00
3705 M1

Wall Lantern 'Mini-Boulevard'

Our smallest flat wall light - practically a half head of the type 'Mini-Boulevard'. Ideal for wall surfaces [...]
Height: 36cm, Width: 21cm, Depth: 12cm
US$ 650,00

Wall Lantern 'Landhaus'

Hanging wall lamp with decorated cantilever. Lamp holder from above / hanging bulb. This model can also be [...]
Height: 62cm, Depth: 56cm
US$ 1.643,00
112 B

Coach Lantern

Compact outdoor light made of solid cast aluminum in the style of classic coachman lanterns. The back wall is [...]
Height: 52cm, Width: 19cm, Depth: 18cm
US$ 783,00
2448 BB1

Wall Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

A very nice little wall lamp with the ideal proportions to light up your home entrance. Also available in a [...]
Height: 54cm, Depth: 40cm
US$ 1.242,00

Wall Lantern

A beautifully designed small globe lamp that illuminates your home entrance at night and decorates it by day [...]
Height: 46cm, Depth: 36cm
US$ 757,00

Wall Lantern 'Elegance'

Our new wall light from the series 'Elegance'. Simple elegance in a classic style. The rectangular glass [...]
Height: 50cm, Width: 19cm, Depth: 27cm
US$ 993,00
219 P1

Wall Lantern 'Anno1900'

Wall lamp with a wall arm in blacksmith design. The classic flourishes contrast beautifully with the simple [...]
Height: 82cm, Depth: 50cm
US$ 1.289,00
241 P1

Wall Lantern 'Anno1900'

This compact light puts beautiful house entrances in the right light. The simple style is pleasing, the [...]
Height: 80cm, Depth: 38cm
US$ 1.177,00
2445 BB1

Wall Lantern 'Baden-Baden'

This fixture is also available with crown ornaments as seen in our fixture #1842BB2.
Height: 63cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 1.230,00

Vintage Wall Lantern 'Rheinland'

A very nice crown-arm combination. Very ornate and decorative.
Height: 52cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 1.181,00

Wall Lantern with Acrylic Glass Globe

Small exterior wall light with a filigree decorated wall bracket and a particularly narrow wall sign. The [...]
Height: 36cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 680,00
6103 M7

Flat Wall Lantern 'Rheinland'

This Half Lantern mounts flush against your wall. It is shown with a little reflective mirror on the inside [...]
Height: 43cm, Depth: 14cm
US$ 733,00

Flat Wall Lantern 'Landhaus'

Flat wall lantern matching the 'Landhaus'-Style. The backside is closed, a silver mirror sheet might be used [...]
Height: 56cm, Depth: 18cm
US$ 1.058,00

Floral Wall Lantern 'Rheinland'

Small wall lamp with floral elements in an unusually decorated wall arm. Surely a very special fixture.
Height: 59cm, Depth: 40cm
US$ 1.478,00

Old City Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 135cm, Depth: 85cm
US$ 3.488,00
5119 M6

Wall Lantern 'Westfalen'

Downright wall lamp with wall bracket in wrought iron look. Here too, it is possible to cut out the base of [...]
Height: 58cm, Depth: 49cm
US$ 1.703,00

Large Wall Lantern 'City'

Our Berlin City line can easily be combined with our other three Berlin series fixtures.
Height: 131cm, Depth: 68cm
US$ 2.897,00
221 P2

Wall Lantern 'Anno1900'

Medium-sized round wall sconce with a clear, impact-resistant plexiglass cylinder. Optionally available as [...]
Height: 74cm, Width: 35cm, Depth: 60cm
US$ 1.656,00

Arch Wall Lantern 'Provence'

This Wall Lantern style can also use our Landhaus. Westfalen or Rheinland crowns.
Height: 98cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 46cm
US$ 1.738,00

Wall Lantern 'Rheinland'

This fixture is really just the upside down version of our #6107.
Height: 58cm, Depth: 39cm
US$ 1.242,00

Wall Lantern 'Landhaus'

Wall light with low distance-to-wall. On request, the surrounding crown ornaments on the crown topcan be [...]
Height: 60cm, Width: 35cm, Depth: 33cm
US$ 1.478,00

Wall Lantern 'Mini-Boulevard'

Our most popular small lamp from the 'Mini-Boulevard' series. Completely made of cast stainless aluminum with [...]
Height: 53cm, Depth: 35cm
US$ 1.053,00

Small Globe Wall Lantern

Dainty wall lamp with an opal glass globe (Ø 16cm) on an S-shaped curved wall bracket. All parts made of [...]
Height: 30cm, Depth: 28cm
US$ 176,00

Arch Wall Lantern

A wall lamp according to your wishes. When ordering, choose your motive: horse, sailing ship, frog, dog or [...]
Height: 90cm, Depth: 59cm
US$ 1.289,00

Flat Wall Lantern

Small, flat Wall-Lantern in an almost rectangular shape. Access to the lighbt bulb is very easy as the whole [...]
Height: 32cm, Width: 17cm, Depth: 11cm
US$ 816,00

Wall Lantern 'City'

Our Berlin City line can easily be combined with our other three Berlin series fixtures.
Height: 94cm, Depth: 50cm
US$ 2.188,00

Wall Lantern 'Mini-Boulevard'

Our most popular small and compact wall light from the 'Mini-Boulevard' series with a very small distance to [...]
Height: 48cm, Depth: 27cm
US$ 981,00

3-Crown Wall Lantern 'Landhaus'

Large and wide-spreading three-flame wall lamp from the 'Landhaus' series with curved arms. Also available as [...]
Height: 78cm, Width: 104cm, Depth: 60cm
US$ 4.718,00
8421 CH0

Wall Lantern 'Romantik'

Classic hanging wall lamp with geometrically straight shapes and simple structures. Completely made of solid [...]
Height: 56cm, Depth: 54cm
US$ 1.738,00