Decorative Cast Aluminium Elements

Decorative Hardware

Each piece is handcrafted and made from solid aluminium.

As with all Dahlhaus products, we do offer several customization options for these single hardware elements.
Please contact us directly with any question you have.


Small Doorbell Button

A particularly small bell button plate including bell contact and brass or stainless steel screws that match [...]
Height: 7cm, Width: 8cm
US$ 112,00

Narrow Doorbell Sign With Housenumber

Very narrow bell sign with an attached house number, speech slots for an existing intercom, a bell button and [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 579,00

Small Sign With Casted Inscription

This plate can be labeled according to your wishes. The available space is 6.5 x 12.5 cm. An inscription in [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 15cm
US$ 190,00

Small Doorbell Button

Small doorbell with leaf pattern. Small doorbell plate with leaf motifs as edging made of sandcast [...]
Height: 7,5cm, Width: 7,5cm
US$ 172,00


The window saddle pad can be made in different lengths. The base element is 98cm wide. We are happy to advise [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 98cm
US$ 680,00

Door Bell Button `Brownie

Small bell sign with Brownie (Heinzelmännchen) motif. An individual lettering in the provided text box with [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 7cm
US$ 193,00

Door bell

Antique doorbell panel with a doorbell and classic geometric patterns. The attachment can be vertical or [...]
Height: 5cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 178,00

Doorbell Button

Vintage Doorbell sign with mystic faces and two buttons. No inscription available.
Height: 20cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 364,00

Vintage Doorbell Button

Intricately decorated bell plate with bell button and a small name area for engraving or lettering
Height: 30cm, Width: 14cm
US$ 505,00

Stable sign

Decorative stable sign / Horse-Name-Plate with an exchangeable back-plate. Textfield dimensions: 7cm x 22,5cm.
Height: 20cm, Width: 27cm
US$ 484,00

Key Holder

Antique key holder with four key hooks. Made from solid cast-aluminium, painted individually from our [...]
Height: 10cm, Width: 22cm
US$ 300,00

Vintage Foldable Wardrobe

The handle of this antique folding coat rack is pulled upwards and then folded forwards at 90 degrees.
Height: 27cm, Width: 30cm
US$ 990,00

Door handle

Beautifull ornamented, antique cast aluminum door handle that can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.
Width: 54cm, Depth: 6cm
US$ 517,00


This water spout can also be made with an integrated faucet if desired.
Height: 9cm, Width: 30cm
US$ 387,00

Vintage Shelf Bracket

Classic shelf bracket with grapes and vine leaves decor between the curved struts. With two holes for [...]
Height: 18cm, Width: 22cm
US$ 141,00

Wardrobe-Hook with Horse Motif

Coat hook with a horsehead as a decorative motif. It is fastened with two screws in holes on both sides.
Height: 15cm, Width: 4,5cm
US$ 65,00

Door fitting (pair)

Antique decorative hinge for doors to instantly give doors a rural and rustic look.
Height: 16cm, Width: 35cm
US$ 542,00

Small muzzle

This small gun barrel made of cast aluminum serves exclusively as a decorative item.
Width: 10cm, Depth: 29cm
US$ 169,00

Art nouveau clock plate

Vintage Clockface made from solid cast aluminium, painted individually from our color options. (Without clock [...]
Height: 25cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 463,00

Decorative Element

May be used as a wall bracket for our smaller lanterns.
Height: 15cm, Width: 23cm
US$ 380,00

Art Nouveau Sign

Variable house lettering plate with classic Art Nouveau elements. The area that can be used for an individual [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 36cm
US$ 585,00

Cast iron fence top

Fence top (Fleur de Lis Finial) made of solid cast iron. Unpainted and without thread.
Height: 13cm, Width: 8,5cm
US$ 26,00

Clothing Hook

Antique coat hook, which we reproduce after an old original model. The coat hook is fastened from behind with [...]
Depth: 12.5cm
US$ 112,00

Decorative Element

Medium sized cast aluminum decorative ornament. For fastening, we can provide fastening holes with or without [...]
Height: 15cm, Width: 26cm
US$ 215,00

Decorative Element

May be used for mailbox decoration
Height: 10cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 124,00

Art Nouveau Element

Small Art Nouveau Element.
Height: 6cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 48,00

Doorbell Sign

Doorbell sign without push buttons and engraved text
Height: 30cm, Width: 10cm
US$ 585,00

Single Lily Ornament

Heraldic lily as a decorative element with three stylized leaves. Fastening optionally with thread on the back [...]
Height: 4cm, Width: 4cm
US$ 48,00

Candleholder (2x)

Height: 27cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 574,00

Vintage Emblem

Height: 8,5cm, Width: 14cm
US$ 106,00