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Lighting Series "Landhaus"

Lighting Series 'Landhaus' Our signature line for over thirty-five years. Also a great all­a­round de­sign, per­fect­ly suited for a coun­try home, which is the Eng­lish trans­lation of Landhaus. Available in a wide range of fixtures, from flat wall lanterns to street lanterns with a height of up to 13 feet.

Globe Lanterns

Lighting Series 'Globe Lanterns' A very popular municipal and commercial lighting solution, globe designs originated in the 1890’s. The fixture is compatible with many of our poles and brackets. The glass is available in opaque/white or clear.

Lighting Series "Anno 1900"

Lighting Series 'Anno 1900' Originally a municipal series, today this simple design is equally popular in com­mer­cial and re­si­den­tial set­tings.
Anno 1900 fixtures feature impact-resistant Plexiglas cylinders for added durability. Available in three sizes.

Lighting Series "Baden-Baden"

Lighting Series 'Baden-Baden' The elegant Baden Baden design originated in the region famous for its regal health spas. This design offers a sophisticated look perfectly suited to both residences and prestigious buildings. Available in three sizes.

Lighting Series "Aktuell"

Lighting Series 'Aktuell' The impressive size of the Aktuell line makes it a natural choice for larger projects. Here you’ll find our tallest street lantern, at 16 feet and up. Regularly equipped with one standard US socket or Metal Halide sockets are available for increased illumination.

Lighting Series "Rheinland"

Lighting Series 'Rheinland' Rheinland fixtures feature a characteristic round crown reminiscent of the fertile Rhine region. Also made from solid casting; this line is available with or without crown ornamentation. The scale of this crown ranges in between our „Mini-Boulevard“ and „Landhaus“.

Lighting Series "Altstadt"

Lighting Series 'Altstadt' Our original size street lantern „Altstadt“ works especially well for large scale municipal projects. The crowns come equipped with one medium base socket at 100 Watts or inquire about our Metal Halide options.

Lighting Series "City"

Lighting Series 'City' The City line is ideal for mu­ni­ci­pal projects in­cor­po­rat­ing large public spaces, and also for lar­ger re­si­den­ces. Or­na­men­ta­tion is op­tio­nal. City fixtures are also compatible with the smaller brackets and poles of the Landhaus line.

Lighting Series "Classic"

Lighting Series 'Classic' One of our earliest and most popular col­lec­tions, Classic features a four-corner design with distinctive de­co­ra­tions and finial. All fixtures are available with or without crown ornamentation. This line uses standard US medium base sockets at 100 Watts max.

Lighting Series "Country"

Lighting Series 'Country' The simple design of our „Country“ line combined with the gracefully arched wall brackets make this series a na­tu­ral choice for every grand entrance. The two crown sizes are easily paired for various job requirements.

Lighting Series "Elegance"

Lighting Series 'Elegance'

Lighting Series "Gutshaus"

Lighting Series 'Gutshaus' The square design of our „Gutshaus“ line combines classic el­e­ments with con­tem­po­ra­ry taste. Choose this fixture with or without the crown ornaments to cus­tom­ize this line according to your ideas!

Lighting Series "Mini-Boulevard"

Lighting Series 'Mini-Boulevard' Mini-Boulevard lanterns are the perfect size for terraces, patios, and compact townhouses. The fixtures are made from solid sand cast aluminum - no sheet metal or inferior materials are ever used. Equipped with one candelabra sized socket at 60 Watts max.

Lighting Series "Noblesse"

Lighting Series 'Noblesse'

Lighting Series "Provence"

Lighting Series 'Provence' Our Provence Collection reflects the charm of the French region for which it is named. A wonderful choice for country or suburban settings. All crowns feature one standard medium base at 75 Watts or our 3-stem candelabra sized socket combination at 40W each.

Lighting Series "Rheinland-Maxi"

Lighting Series 'Rheinland-Maxi' Our „Rheinland -Maxi“ is the big brother of our „Rheinland“ series and features the exact same ornamentation elements while being about a quarter taller. These two sizes are easily paired for any project that requires scale flexibility.

Lighting Series "Romantik"

Lighting Series 'Romantik' From an elaborate renaissance feel, to a modernist simp­li­city, see what va­ri­a­tions are possible in the Romantik Col­lec­tion simply by adding or­na­men­ta­tion and changing glass style. Its just part of the many custom design options you have with Dahlhaus.

Lighting Series "Westfalen"

Lighting Series 'Westfalen' Named for the rustic heart­land of Germany, the Westfalen design is ideal for country settings. Made from solid sand cast aluminum. For a simpler look, the crown ornamentation may be omitted.

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