Rustic Outdoor Lights - 'Classic'

Antique Lanterns for old towns and half-timbered houses.

The antique, square design of these lanterns with a stylized pine cone as the top ornament is one of our oldest models and can be combined with most of our available poles and wall brackets. The large glass panes of this luminaire provide a good light radiation with only little shadows.
The leaf ornaments on the edge of the lamp head can be omitted upon request.


Ceiling Lantern 'Classic'

Plain but decorative ceiling lantern in a rectangular shape. On request, the corner ornaments can be omitted. [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 32cm
US$ 1.035,00

Pillar Lantern 'Classic'

Rectangular vintage style light for use on gate posts and stone columns.
Height: 63cm
US$ 1.762,00

Old City Lantern 'Classic'

Rustic pole lamp with square lamp attachment. Heavy luminaire mast made of cast aluminum with a round bottom [...]
Height: 248cm
US$ 5.322,00

Street Lantern 'Classic'

Traditional street lamp for house and yard. Completely made of stainless cast aluminum individually for you.
Height: 257cm
US$ 4.671,00

Street Lantern 'Classic'

Two Crown cluster 35.5 in Diameter. Various Crown Ornaments available.
Height: 265cm, Width: 110cm
US$ 7.036,00

Wall Lantern Classic

Hanging wall lamp with a wide wall arm and an antique square lamp head.
Height: 85cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 92cm
US$ 2.542,00

Wall Lantern 'Classic'

Antique wall lantern on a large, one-piece cast wall bracket with Gothic form elements.
Height: 130cm, Depth: 65cm
US$ 2.448,00

Pedestal Lantern 'Classic'

Rustic pedestal light made of solid cast aluminum with a square light crown. The large glass areas ensure a [...]
Height: 100cm
US$ 1.762,00

Wall Lantern Classic

Rustic wall lamp in timeless 'Classic' design. Handmade from cast aluminum, it ensures a pleasant [...]
Height: 90cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 48cm
US$ 1.845,00

Old City Lantern 'Classic'

Two Crown cluster 40.6 in Diameter. Various Crown Ornaments available.
Height: 350cm, Width: 103cm

Old City Lantern 'Classic'

Five Crown cluster 41.3 in Diameter. Various Crown Ornaments available.
Height: 390cm, Width: 105cm
7101 S

Old City Lantern 'Classic'

Great City Lantern for commercial applications or large properties. Crown decorations are optional.
Height: 365cm, Width: 41cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

Five-Crown-Cluster Street-Lantern (Art. 1352) with an individual crown top. Picture taken in Kevelar, Germany, aside the Basilica St. Marien .
A white two-crown-cluster lantern from our  'Classic' lighting series (Art. 1600) with a matching wall light (Art. 1517) beside the main entrance door.
This is the large version of our 'Classic' series.
Old-City-Lantern 'Classic' (Art. 1352)
Large 5-cluster Lantern 'Classic' (Art. 1352) at the German Castle Drachenburg