Special Throw-In-Mail Slots and Newspaper-Rolls


Antique Letterbox Plate

Very Ornate Mail-Plate. Features two areas of custom text. One on the plate (reads "BRIEFKASTEN" max 12 [...]
Height: 39cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 851,00
407 A

Vintage Mail Slot Plate

Vintage Cast Aluminum Mailbox Plate with the option to attach an additional label on the flap. Either as shown [...]
Height: 28cm, Width: 46cm
US$ 383,00
1527 A

Vintage Newspaper Roll

Newspaper holder made of cast aluminum, with antique details. The wall plate can be labeled versatile [...]
Height: 24cm, Width: 37cm, Depth: 12cm
US$ 733,00

Square Mail Slot Plate

Almost square Mail-Plate with Letter motive on the front. Features two areas of custom text. One on the plate [...]
Height: 35cm, Width: 33cm
US$ 851,00
460 A

Throw-In Slot

Antique letter insert for wall passage boxes. The elegantly decorated plate is a fascinating eye-catcher. The [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 39,5cm
US$ 858,00

Vintage Indoor Mailbox

A unique indoor Mailbox. Highly ornamented. Comes in any of our colors. Great for your house mail or even your [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 22cm, Depth: 7cm
US$ 781,00

Vintage Mail Throw-In Slot

Small, ornate Mail-Plate. Features one area of custom text. The text on the plate reads "Brieflade", but may [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 44cm
US$ 851,00

Small Antique Mail Slot

Small Throw-In-Slot with frame and hinge. Slot dimensions: 21x2cm
Height: 5cm, Width: 27cm
US$ 169,00

More pictures from our Gallery:

Housenumber (Art. 403) with cast-aluminium numbers and a Mail Throw-In-Slot (Art. 1521) with a Name in casted letters.
Mailbox-Plate (Art. 1520)with handpainted elements. House-Number Plate custom made with doorbell (Art. 453N).
Two Mailboxplates (Art. 1520) with some extras. A Nameplate on the throw-in-slot and an additional doorbell button in the letter shaped field below. Painted in Black, Copper & Gold Patina.