Round sign with bell button

A classically decorated antique bell button plate with encircling ornaments of cast aluminum (sand mold [...]
Height: 11cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 0,8cm
US$ 154,00*

Square Shaped Doorbell Button

This square bell sign can be ordered with up to 10 raised letters (block capitals in capital letters only) for [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

House-Number Sign

A simple square house number plate with few ornaments, for which we offer versatile labeling options with [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 25cm
US$ 175,00*

Sign with one bell button

Decorative bell sign in the Art Nouveau style. Bell button in black with brass edge or optionally in anodised [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 163,00*

Sign with bell button

Cast Aluminium Doorbell Plate as a replacement for an existing Intercom front plate. Comes with one Bell [...]
Height: 25cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 415,00*

Cast Aluminium House-Number

Made of cast aluminum old German numbers and lowercase letters (a-f) for placement on signs and house number [...]
Height: 9cm, Width: ca. 5cm
US$ 44,00*
455 Z

Sign with bell button

Victorian style Doorbell plate for mounting over an existing intercom. With one or two bell buttons and frames [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 16.5cm
US$ 471,00*

Sign with bell button

The perfect choice for any two Family home! Buttons may be installed right or left. Engraved Brass nameplates [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 252,00*

Wall Sign with House Number and Name

Medium size wall plate made of cast aluminum with attached house numbers and raised font letters for your name [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 33cm
US$ 370,00*

Sign with bell button

One of our newest Doorbell designs. Also available as a doorbell with two bell-buttons (No. 508).
Height: 17cm, Width: 13cm
US$ 199,00*

Small doorbell button

Small decorative doorbell button. The Button is also available in aluminium color.
Height: 7cm, Width: 8cm
US$ 95,00*

Cast Aluminium House Number (per piece)

Large numbers made of sand casted aluminum as well visible house numbers. Fixing with two galvanized steel [...]
Height: 15cm, Width: ca. 13cm
US$ 83,00*

Doorbell with Text

Doorbell button with circular textfield for individual inscriptions. Up to 10 capital letters are included. [...]
Height: 19cm, Width: 19cm
US$ 297,00*

Sign with bell button

Vintage Doorbell Sign for individual inscriptions and solid casted text 'Willkommen'. (Inscription not [...]
Height: 10cm, Width: 14cm
US$ 155,00*

Narrow Doorbell Sign

Very narrow bell sign with an attached house number, speech slots for an existing intercom, a bell button and [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 489,00*

Antique Doorbell Button

Classic doorbell plate with a centrally arranged engraved nameplate made of brass with frame. The bell [...]
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

House-Number Sign

Base plate of an antique house numberplate with stylized document margins. For house numbers with 3 digits, [...]
Height: 30cm, Width: 24cm
US$ 264,00*

Doorbell Button

Round doorbell button with a decorative and simple structure. It is made to be glued to the wall - optional we [...]
Height: 9,8cm, Width: 9,8cm
US$ 130,00*
456 Z

Sign with bell buttons

Bell sign with Art Nouveau elements on the edges. The cut out speech slots for an existing intercom and the [...]
Height: 33cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 620,00*

Sign with bell button

Small Doorbell Button with an oval field (62mm x 105mm) which can be used for custom inscription.
Height: 15cm, Width: 9cm
US$ 154,00*

Small Doorbell

Small doorbell with leaf pattern. Small doorbell plate with leaf motifs as edging made of sandcast [...]
Height: 7,5cm, Width: 7,5cm
US$ 145,00*
400 Z

Large House Number Plate

Large house number sign with decorative ornaments made of solid cast aluminium. Custom inscriptions for this [...]
Height: 42cm, Width: 43cm
US$ 400,00*

Doorbell Button

Nicely decorated doorbell made of cast aluminum with a variety of options for inscriptions, e.g. Name lines in [...]
Height: 13cm, Width: 18cm
US$ 249,00*

Small Sign

This plate can be labeled according to your wishes. The available space is 6.5 x 12.5 cm. A gold leaf [...]
Height: 12cm, Width: 15cm
US$ 130,00*


Set of house number and the leading letters 'No' with two numbers as requested. The house numbers are fixed [...]
Height: 9cm
US$ 208,00*

Doorbell with Lionshead

Antique Doorbell sign with two doorbell buttons and frames for namesigns. This modell is also available with [...]
Height: 23,5cm, Width: 12,5cm
US$ 216,00*

Brass Doorbell Button

Small doorbell button made from massive brass. With a detachable frame for extra nameplate.
Height: 16cm, Width: 12cm
US$ 162,00*

Sign with bell button

2-fold doorbell with variable arrangement of the frames for the nameplates and the bell buttons. Available [...]
Height: 17cm, Width: 13cm
US$ 252,00*

Wall Sign

Unique decorated anique wall plate for custom inscriptions with applied lettering, in color or lettering with [...]
Height: 20,5cm, Width: 39,5cm
US$ 578,00*

Doorbell with three bell buttons

This extended model of the doorbell plate No. 510 offers three bell buttons with name badge frames. The [...]
Height: 35cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 585,00*