Straßenlaterne 'Aktuell'

Vintage Street-Lights and Lanterns

The impressive size of the 'Aktuell' lighting-line makes it a natural choice for larger projects like landscape and street lighting.

Here you’ll find our tallest street lantern, at 16 feet and up. Regularly equipped with one standard porcellain E27 socket, several types of bulbs may be used from Incandescent light bulbs, CFLs to Metal Halide for increased illumination. Each street lantern is custom made and available with many specific glass and color options. We are glad to help you with detailed requests.


Spare Lantern Head 'Aktuell'

Spare Lantern Crown for existing old lighting poles or stone columns. Individual mounting options are [...]
Height: 97cm, Width: 60cm
US$ 2.296,00

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Typical classic street lamp that can still be found in many cities in Germany. One-piece cast aluminum [...]
Height: 395cm
US$ 8.810,00

Old City Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 135cm, Depth: 85cm
US$ 3.488,00

Ceiling Lantern 'Aktuell'

At almost one meter high, this is our largest ceiling light. It matches the size of the classic street lamps [...]
Height: 195cm
US$ 2.897,00

Large Pedestal Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large pedestal light in the dimensions of the original hexagonal street lights in Schinkel style. Best suited [...]
Height: 150cm
US$ 3.535,00

Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

One of our largest wall lights with a classic hexagonal Schinkel lamp and a wide and high vintage bracket with [...]
Height: 162cm, Depth: 95cm
US$ 4.376,00

Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large Schinkel wall lamp with a very classic wall bracket. The bottom of the lamp is also glazed, so that [...]
Height: 130cm, Depth: 86cm
US$ 3.134,00

Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large hanging wall lamp with the dimensions of the typical classic street lights. The base of this fixture [...]
Height: 102cm, Depth: 77cm
US$ 3.725,00

Wall Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large wall light from the 'Aktuell'-Series with an exclusive wall sign.. Uses one Standard Socket (E26/E27) at [...]
Height: 120cm, Depth: 65cm
US$ 3.370,00

Street Lantern 'Aktuell'

Vintage old German street lamp with hexagonal head in Schinkel style made of stainless cast aluminum. The [...]
Height: 320cm

Old German Street Clock

Large vintage street clock with a two sided illuminated clock face behind clear glass panes. The mast consists [...]
Height: 370cm, Width: 71cm

Two Crown Cluster Street Lantern 'Aktuell'

Large 2-crown street lamp in a historical Schinkel design. Two long brackets carry the hexagonal lamp heads. [...]
Height: 370cm, Width: 143cm

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Representative old town lantern with a hexagonal lamp head. Heavy cast aluminum pole. Additionally equipped [...]
Height: 350cm

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Representative old town lantern with two crowns. Heavy lamp pole made of cast aluminum and wide lamp arms. [...]
Height: 375cm, Width: 163cm

Street Lantern 'Aktuell'

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 420cm

Street Lantern 'Aktuell'

Three Crown Cluster width: 56.3. Optional Crown-Arm Connection bracket: 6.6
Height: 409cm, Width: 143cm

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Matching to the single-crown model (No. 1549), this two-lamp version of the street lamp 'Aktuell' is an [...]
Height: 409cm, Width: 143cm

Old City Lantern 'Aktuell'

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 392cm

More pictures from our Gallery:

Vintage Streetlantern (Art. 1580) in North Rhine-Westphalia
Old-City-Lantern (Art. 1549) on a market place.
6-Crown-Cluster Streetlantern in front of City Hall.
Streetlantern (Art. 1549) from our 'Aktuell' Series.
Wall Lantern 'Aktuell' (Art. 1558) with our corner bracket (Art. 126)
Different sizes matching each other. Model 'Aktuell' on the left and a smaller 'City' with a massive bracket on the right side.
Wall Lantern 'Aktuell', No. (Art. 1558)
(Art. 1562)
Large 3-Crown-Cluster Old-City Lantern. Here with yellow glass.
Wall Lantern 'Aktuell' (Art. 1558) with an additional corner-bracket (Art. 325).