Sand-casting individual signs

In our foundry we do various castings with plastically raised texts using a traditional sand-molding process. Particularly popular are doorbell-signs with the owners name, or the throw-in slots of mailboxes, which can be casted with an individual text. We will show you step by step, how this works from creating a model to the finished casted sign:

Preparation for sand casting
Step 1: Preparation for sand casting
Individual letters are placed on the model. If the layout is final, the letters are glued temporarily to the model.

Filling the form with sand
Step 2: Filling the form with sand
A mold box is put over the finished model. The mold box is filled with sand and solidified.

A mold made of sand
Step 3: A mold made of sand
The box is turned over and the model is removed. We now do have a negative form of the sign with the set lettering.

The sand molds before casting
Step 4: The sand molds before casting
A second molding side is required for the casting. With the inlet channels, it is placed on top of the other form.

Pouring the molten metal
Step 5: Pouring the molten metal
The liquid aluminum is filled via the one channel until it rises from the second channel. That indicates, the form is fully casted.

Opening the mold
Step 6: Opening the mold
The mold is opened and the casting is removed.
The mold breaks - it can only be used once. The sand is recycled and reused.

Newly sand casted sign
Step 7: Newly sand casted sign
The raw casting is cleaned from sand and is now processed further.
The sprues are sawn off, the edges are cleaned smoothly and necessary holes are drilled.

Sign after the painting
Step 8: Sign after the painting
The ready-painted doorbell can now be patinated to highlight the letters and decorations visually.